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Making Things Move

Sustainable Motion powered by BSC. BSC Computer is committed to developing and implementing sustainable, safe and easy-to-use IoT solutions for smart buildings and industrial applications. BSCiDEA enables ultra-low power and maintenance-free motion solutions based on Dielectric Elastomer Actuator (DEA) Stacks. Our solutions save energy, simplify design in addition to increasing the quality of life. The technology brings to the forefront safety and sustainability via innovation in products and systems.

Making Things Feel

AI Sensor Chip “smart dust”. EPIC semiconductors has developed a low cost, microscopic AI sensor chip (smart dust) featuring energy harvesting (this eliminates the use of toxic batteries), sensing and bidirectional non-magnetic (RF-free) wireless communication. Its small size allows it to be easily embedded into everyday objects, sensing any actions, physical forces and chemical reactions. Add sustainability to your products, systems and processes by simply identifying things and always knowing the current status!